• PowerOn was contracted to develop a vision system that would count and display the number of vials in trays at the end of a production line. At that time, an operator was physically counting the bottles in each tray and recording the number. This caused conflicts between the production and the shipping department because the counts were never accurate.
  • The system had to be mobile and recipe driven so it could be used in various production lines with various types of bottles and trays. This created an issue because not only where the bottles different sizes but also had different color caps. As well, the lighting in the various rooms was different. The solution was to design a hood with internal LED lighting, creating a controlled environment. The operator selected a SKU and the system would reset itself for that particular bottle.
  • The project was a success and the client has hired PowerOn once again to develop another system but further improved with the addition of a SKU barcode printer.
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