Our Culture

Together, we as PowerOn strive to maintain Diversity, Growth, Rewarding Opportunities, Team Spirit and Independence because those are what we believe will give our team the necessary mindset to succeed. Giving each other the space, knowledge and tools to work in their own ways improves productivity 10-fold. We understand individuality, and offer an environment to make everyone feel comfortable and valued each and every day they come in.

Expect Growth

Having outgrown 2 previous locations and moving in to our current 20,000 sq/f building, it is clear that PowerOn has the ability to upscale. Advancement and Growth are the byproducts of our ability to Adapt and Overcome situations that, if executed poorly, would normally be roadblocks.


With our growing business, new partners, and large jobs, we are always advancing.

Student Opportunities

If you are a self-sufficient student who requires apprenticeship, or has recently graduated, we are an excellent place for you to excel and expand your personal knowledge. We offer a space with both valuable information, and a massive potential for growth. In PowerOn, your efforts are rewarded, and do not go unnoticed.

Our Employees

We maintain a very diverse background in our workplace in age, race, and educational background to have an environment where new and prosperous ideas are formed each and every day.

We strive to maintain:



Rewarding Opportunities

Team Spirit