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The Packaging Industry is something that PowerOn has been involved with for many years. With customers primarily in North America, we have provided the necessary automation services to allow companies to produce products for their clients world-wide. PowerOn has made a huge impact, and we plan to do so for years to come.

Since our start in 2001, PowerOn has worked with Fortune 500 companies to ensure increases in Safety and Productivity, catering to the unique specificities of our clients in many Industries. Making sure the job is done right from the beginning, is something that we, as a company, take pride in. We strive to keep all projects on schedule and on budget, while meeting or exceeding our customers expectations no matter the size of the project.

Over the years, PowerOn has had the pleasure to work with customers around the globe serving many different industries. Having worked on a multitude of projects of varying complexities, we are confident that we will have the proficiency to accomplish any task at hand.

So join our previous clients, and let us turn your dreams into reality today.

If you have an idea, let us make it a reality by filling out the contact form that you will be directed to by clicking the green button below.